For over 20 years, Datafile has been providing companies with efficient data storage and management solutions. Since 1981, the Company has evolved with our customers' expanding need to manage and deliver critical data and documents in unique ways and at an ever increasing pace.

At Datafile, we believe that protecting your data shouldn't disrupt your operations or your profitablity. Our team of professionals has been trained to provide the highest level of personalized solutions to meet the needs of nearly any size company. With many different service options, we'll help you choose which method works best for your business.

Our success in helping over 1000 companies convert, manage, publish and store their data and documents to CD-ROM, CD-R, microfiche or microfilm is based on the ability to deliver information management solutions quickly and to provide on-going expert support for our clients.

So we ask, "What can Datafile do for you?"

Datafile Services:

CD-R Duplication
CD Publishing
COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disc)
COM (Computer Output to Microfiche)
Data Conversion
Other Services

To contact one of Datafile's sales consultants, please call us at 1.800.513.7650, 1.614.885.9050 or email

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