Our CD Publishing service is perfect if you need to distribute important data or documents in an easy to use, packaged CD-ROM solution. Datafile can handle all of the details including viewing software, duplication, packaging, hyperlinking, data extraction, indexing, documentation, distribution, and technical support.

An example:
One company that we helped needed to make information available to 300 people within their corporation. Most end users were very computer saavy but there were still others that had limited computer experience. The company needed a solution that would allow for an in-depth search capability, but be easy enough for a novice user to find critical business documents. Our solution was to publish their computer reports to CD-ROM using structured search (indexing) method. Each search field was customized to the company's needs and made data retrieval a snap. We also provided users the ability to export information to spreadsheets to make comparison of data more efficient. Both expert and novice computer users appreciated how easy it was to find what they were looking for and the company's responsiveness to requests improved company-wide. In the end, the company saw an increase in efficiency and the result was money saved.

Other examples of CD Publishing uses:
Monthly Statements
Customer Records
Daily Reports
Budget Records
Shipping Records
Tax Statements
Yearend Tax Reports
Utility Billing
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Patient Records
Purchase Orders
Government Records
...and many others

What can Datafile do for you?

For more information regarding our CD Publishing services, please give us a call at 1.800.513.7650, 1.614.885.9050 or email info@datafile-corp.com.

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