COLD is an excellent solution for cost-effective portable storage, retrieval and distribution of data. In addition to the capacity to store over a half million computer-generated documents on one CD, COLD offers a quick, accurate search capability so that users can find the information they need in a matter of seconds.

Datafile's COLD services also make it easy to publish your company data onto separate discs for distribution. For example, we helped a credit management company separate a 300,000 page report into smaller reports for distribution on CD to each of 300 credit unions. This solution allowed each credit union to retrieve their data without sharing confidential information between the branches. We also handled the distribution of the CDs from our service center directly to the individual credit union locations--saving the credit management company from redundant mailing and distribution fees.

COLD benefits are vast. Below are just a few:

  • CDs have a high capacity for storage with instant access.
  • It takes approximately 2500 microfiche to equal the capacity of one CD-ROM.
  • COLD is an affordable method for multiple report distribution.
  • COLD makes response to customer information requests quick and accurate.
  • CDs reduce company expenditures toward paper, storage files, boxes and cabinets.
  • COLDs efficiencies allow employees to spend their valuable time on core business tasks.
  • COLD services reduce delivery time and mailing costs of document distribution to associates.
  • COLD eliminates labor costs associated with microfiche retrievals and microfiche reader/printer costs.
  • Keyword search capabilities allow for quick retrieval of business critical documents.
    Because of the universal ISO disc formatting, any PC with a CD-ROM drive can be instantly turned into a research workstation.
  • CDs can be password authenticated to protect against unwanted users' access to data.
  • Data on CD-ROMs cannot be altered.
  • COLD services are ideal as a part of your disaster recovery plan---we offer off-site disc copy storage.
  • CDs offer a secure and virus-proof method of distribution (especially in contrast to internet archiving!)

The Datafile COLD service is simple. You provide the information to us by nearly any transfer method (we also offer a secured FTP file transfer site for your convenience) and we will provide you with a CD archive of your data. Our service is fast, reliable, confidential and can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

For more information regarding our COLD services, please give us a call at 1.800.513.7650, 1.614.885.9050 or email

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