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COM is a great way to archive your company's information for long-term, inexpensive storage. Where CD technologies and other computer-based archival methods offer useful solutions for faster, active retrieval, microfiche serves companies by being a stable and technology independent archive.

The general goal of data management should not be to choose one storage medium over another, but to determine the proper business solution for your particular need. COM as a solution answers the call for a technology independent format that offers a safer, long-term archive. Often it is viewed as a complement to COLD services. Where COLD archives are used daily because of efficiencies, COM is the method that many companies prefer as a security blanket. When computers and networks go down, microfiche remains, ready to be accessed.

There are several reasons why "forward thinking" companies choose to maintain their COM archives. Below are a just few:

  • Microfiche saves paper, print and storage costs.
  • Microfiche is easy to store.
  • Microfiche is inexpensive.
  • Microfiche provides a nearly permanent record--at least 100 years.
  • Microfiche is a preferred archival method by the IRS and meets the requirements of other state and government archival laws.
  • Microfiche offers superior physical and chemical stability in comparison to paper and electronic media.
  • Microfiche eliminates the risk of disc failure or obsolete technologies making your historical data inaccessible.
  • Duplicates are an inexpensive way to maintain an offsite archive and provide many departments access to the same reports.
  • Microfiche eliminates forward and backward computer hardware compatibility issues.
  • COM images are easy to digitize and distribute via fax, email or the internet.

The COM service is simple.
You provide us with data and we will provide you with Microfiche. We offer a secured FTP file transfer site for your convenience or can utilize other methods of data transfer that are specific to your needs.

For more specific information regarding our COM services, please give us a call at 1.800.513.7650 or email

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